If at first we usually think about whether we can have a dog in a flat, we hesitate even more when our apartment is small. In that case, we can say “no” to having a dog at home too fast, when the truth is that we can fulfill our desire and we can choose between different breeds that have the ideal size and reduced for a flat that precisely does not have enough square meters.

The poodle, a funny breed with a lot of energy

Playful and very funny. This breed is a very feasible choice to welcome in our house thanks to their energetic, cheerful and active character, and they do not get tired of playing. They are dogs that stand out for their ease of learning, making them ideal for training. They therefore require a certain amount of physical activity, which will prevent their fur from falling out.

Toy and Miniature poodles are the most feasible to live in a flat. You can find poodles of different types according to their size. The so-called Toy and Miniature poodles are smaller in size and are easier to adapt to a small apartment than, for example, the standard-sized, heavier ones.

Maltese Bug, your ideal dog if you have allergies

These dogs are the right size and weight (barely over 3 kilograms) to live in a flat and in any small home. These dogs can become more dependent on humans because of their character, as they are too affected by any separation and can even become anxious when they are left alone for too long.

As with the Frisian Bichon, these dogs are characterized by their protection and their role as guard dogs at home, so they are also very feasible for those people or older marriages. In addition, they do not require much exercise or physical activity. In fact, they love to sleep. They are also hypo-allergenic animals, a blessing for those with allergies.

Chihuahua, the portable dog

One of the most peculiar races. Its reduced measures and scarce energy to carry out exercise characterize it, besides its particular coat. So much so that we can easily transport them and move them with us, so we could say that they are ‘portable’ dogs.

The breed is originally from Mexico and stands out for being a docile dog and not complicated to maintain. However, it has a strong character and is constantly alert, so that the arrival of a stranger can easily provoke its barking.

Miniature Pinscher, a small-sized guardian

Of German origin, these dogs are derived from the Pinscher, of which they are a miniaturization. It is a dog of square proportions that is about 30 centimeters high and around 5 kilograms, with a short and ready hair. Its size makes it ideal for a small apartment.

Besides, they are quite energetic and need exercise, so they will take you out for a walk and accompany you without hesitation to any outings . In fact, they are very curious and they work perfectly as a watchdog, just like a Doberman, without their small size mattering.

Pekingese, from China with love

The Chinese breed derived from the woolly dogs of Tibet, despite its particular appearance, is undoubtedly one of the most curious we can find. It acts as a guardian that barely barks regularly but will do so when some stranger approaches with unknown intentions.

One of the qualities that in fact helps him to have that characteristic feature is his virtue of being quite curious and brave. And all this while loving the comfort of being at home, as they do not need to do extreme exercise and are very homely.

Pomeranian, the toy dog

Another breed that comes from Germany, specifically from the province of Central Pomerania. It is considered a toy dog (or toy) for its small size and its abundant hair. In addition, it is very fond of games and one of its qualities is that it has energy for a while.

If you are one of those people who spend a lot of time outside the house, this breed is ideal because they are not very dependent and do not need special care, except for the necessary walks to exercise and brushing their coat, which must be done daily.

Shiba Inu, independent and guardian

Similar to the Akita Inu, this dog of smaller size and stature has greater agility and is more suitable as a pet. The Shiba Inu shows affection and love for its owners and is a perfect guardian and protector dog. He is also well adapted to small apartments and domestic life, although he may tend to ignore his master’s orders easily, as he is quite independent.

Mestizo dog, another option to find your ideal pet

We can in last stay to choose a dog of mixed race, that is to say, that they have been the result of a crossing of races. As long as it is small and suitable for our flat, it will not be a problem related to character or behaviour, so it can be an option to take into account in the same way as a pure breed dog.

Although these are the most recommended breeds of dog for apartments, you can always choose any other breed of dog you consider appropriate to live with in your apartment if you do not attach too much importance to some characteristics, such as size.

After all, there will be cases in which the dog does not behave according to the parameters or characteristics that define the breed, but to do this we must first inform ourselves of its behaviour and specific character to be clear that it is the ideal dog for us and our flat. Once this is achieved, an adventure will begin that we will never forget.

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