Children and their relationship with the future pet is without a doubt one of the main concerns when deciding to have a dog in the house. We fear that the coexistence is not adequate or that the simple presence of the pet can affect the health of the youngest.

None of that will be a problem when deciding on some of the dog breeds that besides being an ideal domestic companion, will be the ideal complement for children to have fun with, feel protected and comfortable and to love as a relative of the house.

The Pug, a playful, intelligent and faithful companion

One of the most fashionable dogs today. With Chinese origin, the Pug or Carlino is a dog of reduced dimensions that makes him an ideal companion to live in an apartment. But it is not only an ideal choice because of its size, but also because of its character, since they are very intelligent and affectionate dogs.

With an attitude that exudes sympathy and tranquility, it is the perfect company for children and adults. His small proportions are the ideal complement to his character to choose him as our pet.

In addition, they are very playful and do not like loneliness, as they are quite close and faithful to their owners. You won’t have any problems with the neighbours when it comes to barking, as this is a rare characteristic of these dogs, which are quite balanced.

Shih Tzu, a well groomed guard dog

One of the most aesthetic races. Of Tibetan origin, its outstanding and beautiful coat will keep you entertained to have it fixed and ready every day, so it does require daily care in that aspect. With small measurements and a moderate and regular need to exercise, the Shih Tzu is another dog that you can perfectly choose to live in a flat. If you finally choose this breed, be prepared to give your Shih Tzu, a dog that requires affection from its owners, much more.

Moreover, its capabilities as a guard dog are well known, with a loyalty to its masters that makes it constantly alert. If small children and other dogs already live in your house, you will not have problems living together, as he relates to them perfectly.

The always active Beagle

They are medium sized dogs that have a great ability to smell and track, so they are very intelligent and are part of the select group of domestic dogs most popular and loved both for their size and for their temperament and quiet character.

With a beagle at home you will enjoy a not at all shy and quite happy animal, which will welcome strangers without any problem since they enjoy human company. Besides, they have a great behavior with children, and they usually don’t have problems with other dogs. They are quite resilient when it comes to exercise.

The familiar English Bulldog

Considered as one of the symbols of England, the English Bulldog can impose itself by its compact structure in reduced size, but like the Carlino, is a dog that stands out for its sympathy and friendly character, something that precisely keeps throughout his life, which makes it almost the eternal puppy.

He doesn’t need to exercise excessively, so he won’t be a nuisance if he doesn’t walk much, although it’s advisable that he takes his daily walk to exercise his body (which is not good for snoring). He is also a good playmate for children and being docile and calm does not prevent him from showing courage when the situation requires it, as he is a very familiar pet. These characteristics make him a particular and ideal domestic companion.

Dachshund, the dachshund

His own name describes him. With very short legs and an elongated trunk, it is one of the best known dogs because of its appearance and its shape similar to a sausage, a feature that amuses and softens us. It has the special feature that it does not need to go outside to exercise its small extremities, as it can do so perfectly in indoor areas, but do not forget that they are prone to obesity, so pay special attention.

Physical characteristics that, together with his great intelligence and speed of learning, make him a perfect pet. We must be aware that they need an owner with experience in training, as they can be somewhat stubborn, nothing that cannot be avoided with a good dog education. In addition, he is a great guardian, so he is an excellent companion for children and adapt easily to any space thanks to its small size.

The guardian Bichon Frisé

One of the most unique dogs thanks to its reduced appearance and endless energy for games and activities. They don’t let too much hair fall out, something to be thankful for for people with allergies who won’t have to suffer from living together. It will need special care and daily attention to its coat, with special attention to the legumes.

They are also quite protective, so don’t be surprised if on your first visit you don’t stop hearing barking when the door rings. But if he is properly educated, we will have a dog with a calm and familiar temperament with both children and adults, especially recommended for the older ones.

Cocker Spaniel, obedient and not lazy

They are medium sized dogs that have the ability to adapt comfortably to any space as long as they are used to daily exercise, as they need continuous physical activity, so don’t be fooled by their calm dog appearance.

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